Refunds & Returns

Declined Orders

You will receive a refund immediately if you have placed an order and we decline it. Declined orders are often deemed inappropriate by the online doctor or the on-site pharmacist. All refunds made by the company are credited using the initial payment technique. Similarly, the refund process may take 5 to 7 working days.

Process of Returning Medicine(s)

Our company does not accept any returns concerning any medicine. This is because the law forbade medication usage. However, this does not necessarily mean that opened medication is unreturnable. Returned medicine from any entity must be disposed of in the instructed manner by a licensed pharmacist within 30 days.

Regarding cancellation, we entitle you to cancel orders as long as the medication has not left the company grounds. However, keeping in mind that the chemist will dispose of the returned medicines within 30 days, you may not be entitled to a refund. Medication in sealed boxes needs to be disposed of too. Due to this law, our company may not be able to agree to refunds or returns.

However, suppose you could not receive your order or are having your medicine redelivered to a different address through our messenger services. In that case, we may deliver your ordered medication to the same or an alternative address. However, to ensure the completion of the redelivering process, return the medicine to the company within a 30-day window.

Exceptions to the Right to Cancel Order

The customer's right to cancel an order is not applicable if we decide otherwise. The right to cancel an order must be through a contract. Therefore, there must be an official notice of withdrawal following regulation 10 in deference to the agreements.

Furthermore, the right to withdraw an order is not applicable if the returned medicines supplied are customised in any manner. Therefore, we consider it unfit to be successfully returned. In addition, if the medication is vulnerable to deteriorating quality or quick expiration, it can not be returned.

Concerning this law of exemption, the customer has no right to cancel or revoke an order. However, considering our respect for our customers and the company's promise to provide convenience, we have added a clause that our customers may benefit from. Regarding these terms and conditions, the customer has the right to cancel the order as long as the package has not yet been posted or has not left the company's premises.

Returning Goods by Post

If you wish to return your order via post, you must pack them up in the same manner posted to you. The packaging must be adequate and contain basic information, like your full name, address, and order number on the package.

Spoiled or Incorrect Goods

If the order you placed has reached you improperly or is spoiled or incorrect, contact us using the appropriate methods mentioned on our website. You must report the damaged goods within ten days of receiving said goods. Once you have reached our customer care, the goods will be reimbursed or substituted.

Damaged Goods

The Consumer Rights Act states that customers are entitled to a fiscal return on goods damaged during shipping or before they leave the company's premises. However, the fiscal return is only valid for about 30 days. Once you have sent back the damaged goods, you will receive a full refund.