Delievery Information

Our Shipping Policy

We are an online pharmacy for people around the globe. We offer shipping services on every product we sell. Our main goal is to make sure you get your items quickly. After you place an order and it is confirmed, we will email you about your package. Then, we will ship out your order within 1-2 days.

We usually deliver products in 7 days. But it depends on where you live. In some places may take up to 9 days for the package to arrive. We'll let you know if it will take that long. People who live in other countries should expect their packages to arrive after seven days.

We are very happy you chose us for your medical needs. We'll do our best to get your package to you fast. But if the delivery is late, it's not our fault. This could be because of strikes, holidays, or other factors we can't control.

Our Primary Shipping Method

We will contact you to confirm the order when you order something from us. Then it will be shipped out within 24-48 hours. It usually takes 7 days to get to customers in the UK and more than seven days for customers in other countries. There might be delays if you order many things or if something unexpected happens.

Our Delivery Policy During Public Holidays

When you order something, the time it takes to get to you depends on the time of year. For example, during holidays, it usually takes longer. If this happens, we will inform our customers and update them about when they can expect their order.

Cancellation of Order

If you want to cancel your order, do it within 24 hours of placing the order. We can cancel it if you do this in time. Make sure that the order hasn't been sent out yet. Reach out to our customer service team if you have any queries or questions about cancelling your order. You can reach them through our website's Contact Us page or use Live Chat for urgent things 24/7.